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              Hi, I’m Christianne Holly Santiago (please call me Holly) and I’m from

             the small city of Walnut, CA. I grew up with a family of music lovers and

             have been jamming out to The Beatles since I was born. Before I found

          my way back to theatre, I spent four years getting a Bachelors degree in                Communications. It sounds mundane but I actually had a blast while doing it. I

 interned in Seattle for two of their major radio stations one summer, and later

     started managing my school's radio station in Fullerton, CA. I was constantly

      surrounded by music and got to throw concerts as well as interview artists in

        all walks of the music industry. Although my job was really cool, there was 

          something huge missing from my life. Talking to so many musicians about

          their art and music made me realize I needed to come back to what I really

         loved doing. A year after graduation, I decided to follow that instinct and

          start doing what I really loved. I made my way back to the stage. All that

          said, I am a huge advocate for following your dreams and doing what you

          really LOVE to do. Finding your PASSION is such a huge part of living a

         happy and fulfilling life. What fuels you? What inspires you every day?

       Whatever that is - DO IT. My journey as an artist is far from over and I will

      continue to grow and tell important stories and fight for representation and 

      inclusivity in the arts. When I'm not chasing the dream, I'm most likely eating

      french fries, binging anime, being a coffee snob, singing at church, playing

      sports I'm bad at (like golf and volleyball), or laying out at the beach. 

About Me


disclaimer: I do consider myself to be quite the french fry craving, magic girl embodying, anime loving enthusiast. If you're here for this energy then...

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